Words and Symphonies

II Motions

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

“I’ll call you, and we’ll light a fire…”

from Lighthousekeeping

I’m still learning how to dance

But there’s this way you sweep me off

my feet

My heart makes motions my feet and arms are yet to learn.

I’m still learning how to swim

Yet there are ways I get drowned in the depth of your eyes &

I don’t understand

How a lifeguard never matters.

I hope there are days I’ll be better

That I won’t have to struggle for balance

When you smirk your lips in the dark.

For I’m even still learning how to

stop reciting your name on

Cold, cold nights,

When the wind is blowing and the scent of you crawls on the bed

and lingers at 3am.



Bill Ivans Gbafore

Bibliophile, Lover of Culture, Arts, Economics, and Lifestyle